We offer you care. In return, we count on your commitment, engagement and willingness. Our people strategy is a shared responsibility, It takes two to tango. What can we expect from you?

Inspired by you - Committed to you

At Nipro we realize how strongly employee engagement correlates to the bottom line. With an engaged staff of people we believe we can boost our customer satisfaction and increase our company’s overall chance of success. We see the level of engagement as a leading indicator, or warning sign, of our company health.

It takes 2 to tango!

We believe that Employee engagement should be ingrained in our business and within each of our employees. We do everything we can to create a working environment where it is a pleasure to be, a pleasure to work. We like people who are exited to be here and come up with ideas aimed at improving operations. They speak up, share ideas and look for solutions, instead of staring at the problem. We ask for feedback and we reciprocate with our feedback, as indeed, it takes two to tango!

In honor of a super colleague and a great friend ...

The summer started on a sad note for Nipro as we had to bid farewell to a great colleague, Jean-Sébastien Morin.
We want to pay tribute to our dear friend, by posthumously making him our ambassador for our core value of "we are willing", as he exemplified this behavior in all his actions.

May you rest in peace, Jean-Sébastien!

I believe that generating material and content to educate our organization “from a technical perspective” is one of the core expectations of the Technical Customer Support team (testament : our growing Wiki). I will take it on me to share this with all relevant colleagues.
Jean-Sébastien Morin
Jean-Sébastien Morin

Our Approach

We care

We seek commitment. In return, as a company we are also committed to our past, present, and future colleagues.
What do we offer you?

We empower

We seek commitment and entrepreneurship. In return, as a company we enable people to decide for themselves.
How do we work together?