We seek commitment. In return, as a company we are also committed to our past, present, and future colleagues. What do we offer you?

Our people approach

Our approach aims to be employee-centric, simplified and fair.

  • Employee-centric
    We are easy to connect with, service-minded and solution focused.
  • Simplified 
    We make HR simpler and clearer. The ease of use is our key parameter.
  • Fair 
    We conduct business in a manner that promotes fairness, respect, honesty and trust in all aspects of our people approach & people systems.

Well-being fuels Performance; technology supports

The idea that performance improves when we prioritize well-being, and that a burnout culture has a negative impact on business, will move into the realm of settled fact.

As the idea of employee well-being becomes more central to business, our relationship with technology — both at the workplace and at home — is seen as central to our well-being. Established elements of health (including mental health) — exercise, nutrition, sleep, social connection — are all undermined by our addiction to technology. So helping employees to create a healthier relationship with technology — even outside the office — is a key business concern within Nipro.

There is a strong sense of “We” within Nipro. We have created a global community – a Nipro family – that transcends the lines of latitude and longitude as we work together for a common good.
Surendra Shukla
Assistant Manager of Finance & Accounts
Surendra Shukla

Our approach

We are willing

We seek from you and provide to you commitment, entrepreneurship, willingness, and engagement. Our people strategy is a shared responsibility.
What can we expect from you?

We empower

We seek commitment and entrepreneurship. In return, as a company we enable people to decide for themselves.
How do we work together?