That is how we would describe Nipro’s colleague that was recently nominated at HR person of the year in the Delaware Valley – Meet … Bethann Dubois!

Bethann has joined Nipro 9 years ago as a new HR colleague.
Going back in time though – to her background – this was probably not what or where she had envisioned herself to be as she was finishing her Master in Music School.

Bethann played piano and organ. She remembers that her parents -at the time- bought an old piano that was on sale for 50 USD.  She reckons she was a hyperactive child and teachers convinced her parents to get her something to unwind – and why not the piano ?  That piano stayed with her all the way through college.  Little did she know at the time, that playing the piano would influence her life – be it in a very unexpected fashion.

From piano to typewriter

After graduating, Bethann wanted to go out there and get a job.   “The next best thing I could do, other than playing my piano, was typewriting – I was pretty good at it”.  It is common knowledge that those who play piano typically are pretty good in typewriting as well, indeed.  So she applied for a job as a receptionist/typist within an HR department.  This was the first time she got remotely acquainted with HR business.

From music to HR

After this first job experience, she went on a break for 11 years to pursue her musical career.  However, it dawned on her that she needed more stability in her life and decided to move back to office.  The simple fact of even getting an interview was difficult at the time, on the account that there was this 11-year-gap.  It took courage of her to approach a business man and simply ask him “Would you run an interview with me and just give me feedback on what I should do differently – I want to prepare for future interviews”.  That business man ended up giving her a job in HR on the spot.  Till today, as he is interviewing people for a new job he hopes to find the next “Bethann Dubois” not looking at the credentials but looking at the person in front of him.

Giving back to society

Ever since then, Bethann found herself thriving as an HR responsible.  To her this is clearly not just a job – she sees this as her part of giving back to society.  

Bethann wants to “give”. 

“Putting out fires, helping employees, always putting people first – that is what I stand for”. 
Bethann Dubois
Bethann DuBois 2

People matter

She pursues this mantra also in private life, as she is heavily committed to her volunteering and charity work.  She is an executive producer of the Philadelphia Leather Pride which organizes 1 charity night a year since 2008, including running a live auction.  The main beneficiary of this auction is “Project Home”.  They give shelter to homeless people but also build housing and help people to make a new start in their lives.

Bethann also had chosen “Project Home” as the beneficiary in case she would have won the contest.

How did she enter that contest in the first place, is what some might ask ?

In fact, a former employer of hers had nominated her, without Bethann being aware of this.  The nomination comes with a thorough process of interviews, applications, a recommendation to be written by Bethann’s current boss (thank you, Mike!).  Over 100 admissions had to be judged by the panel of judges, and our Bethann was elected nominee for “mega companies”.    Bethann was deeply touched by the recognition she has received from Nipro’s international HR team – she is definitely entitled to some “bragging rights”.

The contest in Covid-times

TTypically, this award comes with a big event – this year it had to take place online due to the pandemic. 

We wondered how Bethann had gone through these “strange” times.  She admits that she misses seeing her family.  Not being able to see her sister, she finds very difficult.
“I find the COVID-19 situation very challenging, but I do live the rules.  As I clearly state all the time – My Mask Protects You!  We should be looking out for each other!”

A closing question for Bethann

So Bethann, what is it that you want people to remember ?  What would you have said if you were to have given your “acceptance speech”.  Here and now is your moment to share it.

It’s not about me – In fact, it’s NEVER about me –
We all need each other to be better – so please just be kind to and for each other!
Bethann Dubois
Bethann DuBois

In special honor of "Women's Equality Day - August 26, 2020"

Nipro takes pride in its women
We can only echo what our powerful women, such as Bethann Dubois, are saying :

Celebrating our women!