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2020 - As the year of change

Scarcity in the "glass tubing" market, ever increasing scrutiny regarding "regulatory & quality" in the pharmaceutical packaging market... all lead to the necessity for us to invest in capacity, as well as new technology, to yield even higher quality.  

Nipro's R&D & Engineering team is working fiercely to finalize the development of novel technologies within the process of converting of pre-fillable syringes.

As we start this new decade with its many challenges, we are delighted to inform that Mr. Stephan Arnold has joined Nipro PharmaPackaging International as its new CEO.  
We also want to thank our former CEO, Mr Minoru Takeuchi. He will take on a new role as Global Business Development in"glass pharmaceutical packaging", with a clear focus on portfolio and region expansion, therefore working closely together with R&D.

A promising future!

With 20+ years in this industry, I can honestly state that I have found here a strong team of dedicated professionals. It is only fair to say that Nipro PharmaPackaging has a very solid backbone to further build upon. While respecting the traditions and history of the individual manufacturing plants, Nipro wants to instill the typical Japanese quality mindset. It demonstrates its great ambition by heavily investing in volume and quality, all with the aim of becoming the preferred partner to many pharmaceutical companies.
I take great pride in having joined Nipro in my new role as CEO. Nipro is on a mission to improve quality of life and patient outcomes across the globe. I look forward to contributing to this mission together with all of my new colleagues.
Stephan Arnold, CEO Nipro PharmaPackaging International

2020 - As the year of expansion

As part of Nipro's "continuous commitment to care", we promise to keep you updated on more details regarding our upcoming investments. Stay informed by following us on LinkedIn!