"Oink oink" our piggy bank has been generously fed!

"All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy !"   

Being dull is anything BUT what Nipro is, what WE are.
Our colleagues of the "Nipro-fun" team take this message even to a higher level.  They have turned the "play" or "fun-part" into something very noble - a charity cause.

With the holiday season and its spirit in mind, our colleagues have set up "Niproforlife" and have as such organised many different events.   A Christmas in-house-market, a quiz, facials, ...  and all the profit will entirely be handed over to "Kind & Nier". (Kid & kidney).

Niproforlife is registered as one of the many actions of "dewarmsteweek" (https://dewarmsteweek.be/acties/nipro-for-life).
Kids and their kid-neys, we care !