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Thank you for your continued contribution!
Your contribution is vital - YOU are vital!
Stephan Arnold, CEO Nipro PharmaPackaging International
Stephan Arnold

April 07 is also known as "World Health Day".

Health is something that can easily be taken for granted.  However, lately it has become so obvious for all of us that it is something we need to cherish at all times. All over the world, typically at the beginning of a new calendar year, we wish each other well.  Little did we know a few months ago that these words would have such deep meaning.  

Also, little did we know that we would find ourselves in a position where we would have to go all the way just to be able to continue manufacturing.  It became clear pretty quickly that governments (be they Indian, Russian, French, German or American) did recognize our products as essential, granting us exempt status to any potential curfews or lockdowns.

This is where YOU, our colleagues, come into play.

Authorities all around allow us to continue our operations, but we need you to run them.  It is of our utmost concern that we protect our colleagues: both physically and mentally.  More than ever we want to know “how you are doing”?  Please be aware that “social distancing” does NOT equal “social disconnecting”. 

So therefore, we focus on safety and health in the workplace.  You will have noticed that we have put measures in place such as:

  • Providing increased personal protective equipment
  • Providing hand sanitizer
  • Limiting the exposure to other colleagues, by eg separating shifts
  • Intensifying our cleaning procedures

Individual & collective responsibilities

We took these measures as it is our individual responsibility to ensure that our colleagues can operate and can continue to operate in a safe environment.  
But, collectively we also have another responsibility! You and I, we work for the most important sector in the world.

Health care professionals across the globe are working day and night in their/our common combat against Covid-19.  Meanwhile pharmaceutical companies are accelerating by joining forces to develop a possible vaccine for the Corona-virus.
As a partner to the healthcare industry, it is Nipro’s and therefore OUR duty to continue our operations so that we can ensure supply to the health care professionals as well as to the patients.

Hospitals are in great need for medical devices and are vastly increasing their orders with Nipro’s Medical Division. It is believed that the same need is coming the PharmaPackaging way, as more and more people are getting admitted and undisputedly require injectable medicines.   On top -as said- a number of pharmaceutical companies and institutions are working around the clock to develop a vaccine.  We need to be ready to deliver the supplies needed.

Therefore, let me re-emphasize that YOUR continued presence, YOUR continued contribution to our operations are nothing less than VITAL. 

Realize colleagues, that the health care professionals and the pharmaceutical companies out there count on us.  Moreover …realize colleagues, that you can count on me and the Management to ensure your safety.

And while we do so, we will continue to ask: “How are you doing?” (be it at a safe distance).

Let me close by saying, this year’s “World Health Day” is definitely ALSO dedicated to you, as you are a crucial link in the medical supply chain!  Thank you for all your hard work, you make me a proud and humble CEO.



Stephan Arnold
Chief Executive Officer - Nipro PharmaPackaging International