SAFETECT™ greatly optimizes the reconstitution process of lyophilized drugs.

This prefilled syringe with pre-attached transfer device allows for an easy and fast preparation, while reducing the risk of needle stick injuries. Nipro’s special design prevents dislocation of the transfer device from the prefilled syringe prior to its connection to the vial so that

  • Direct start of the reconstitution process
  • Fewer process steps / Eliminates the need for complicated procedures?
  • Simple injection and aspiration
  • Avoids mis-injection of unmixed solution
  • Minimizes risk of needle stick injuries (NSI)
Pre-filled syringe
Volume Solution Material
5 ml (max.) WFI Plastic
Pre-attached transfer device
Compatible vials Material
Vials with neck outer diameter of 20 mm Plastic
Unit pack Quantity Sterile
Blister 1 unit per pack Yes
  • 3 years shelf-life