We seek commitment and entrepreneurship. In return, as a company we enable people to decide for themselves. How do we work together?

Inspired by you – Committed to you

In a fast and fluid market, we need to stop thinking of our organizations as the sum of their separate departments, silo’s and ‘jobs’ but rather manage them as complex and connected systems of people. It makes less and less sense to draw up detailed lists of degrees, experiences, skills and knowledge that form into so called ‘jobs’ as they may turn out to be irrelevant in 3 to 5 years.

At Nipro we seek diversity - in nationality, in sector, in gender, in talent, in mind-set, in character, type of intelligence, etc. - as well as agility in new employees. In this way our system should have all the building blocks readily available, when new projects, experiments and business models emerge.

Towards a digitized future

Becoming more digital and becoming more employee centric can go hand-in-hand. Nipro employees want quick and easy access to relevant HR information. If our people have an HR related question, they want to be able to get a quick answer.

Applicants are very keen to hear as quickly as possible whether they have gone to the next round. When they are hired, they do not want to wait days for their contract. Ease-of-use, speed and transparency are vital.

I manage the vial plant in Chase City and it’s crucial that our people and processes reflect Nipro’s standards of the highest quality and safety. I strongly believe that success and integrity mean doing the right thing, the right way, every time – even when there’s no one around.
David Steele
Plant Manager, USA
David Steele

Our approach

We care

We seek commitment. In return, as a company we are also committed to our past, present, and future colleagues.
What do we offer you?

We are willing

We seek from you and provide to you commitment, entrepreneurship, willingness, and engagement. Our people strategy is a shared responsibility.
What can we expect from you?