Being essential

As billions of people around the world are looking forward to receiving a vaccine shot, an enormous responsibility lies with the entire supply chain to accommodate this.
Many different companies around the globe are working at full steam - if not more - to be able to bring that relief.  R&D centers, pharmaceutical companies, labs, clinics, transportation companies, but definitely also pharmaceutical packaging companies.

All partners are nothing less than essential in this biggest ever post-war challenge.
Behind those "partners" are many individual people.

As a global and crucial player in the pharmaceutical packaging supply chain, our colleagues on the shop floor face a huge responsibility.   Not just continuing their work, but upping their game while staying very vigilant of the possible threats of getting infected themselves.

Feeling acknowledged

Working around the clock, increasing shifts, being aware that the pressure is huge - as the entire world watches - is stressful.  "Mental fitness" is not just a fashionable concept - it is absolutely key and of the utmost importance.

To this extent, our colleagues in India have introduced a new concept on their premises.


I am delighted to see how our colleagues are responding to our "recreation" initiative. Indoors, our colleagues can enjoy board games (chess, carom). Whereas outdoors, our badminton field encourages our colleagues to do some physical activities. Both indoor and outdoor activities are contributing to enhance the fitness of our colleagues, physically and mentally. And while they are at it, the team is bonding and they develop a sportsman's attitude. As such, they feel better prepared for the challenges coming their way.
Ashish Moghe - Managing Director, Nipro PharmaPackaging India

Getting recognized

Building on that mental resilience, the colleagues in India have also introduced their "employee's achievement" program.

Exceptional work to the benefit of the company, justifies exceptional recognition.  We will report on the different achievements here soon!