EVC welcomes iMEP

European Vascular Course (EVC) is the yearly hands-on training congress held in the Netherlands with the scientific sessions of Arterial, Venous, Vascular Access and Cardiovascular.  For the very first time, training opportunities will be shared in a unique virtual setting on 7-8 March 2021.

Chairman, Professor. Michael Jacobs and Dr. Maarten M. Snoeijs have invited iMEP to host 4 training workshops at the 24th occasion of EVC.  We take great pleasure and pride in this recognition and opportunity to contribute to the European Vascular community.  This is the result of the excellent reputation of iMEP's daily training activities for healthcare providers and our expertise in hands-on trainings in a virtual setting.

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Monday, 08 March Session contents
08:00 - 08:45 Basic ultrasound skills for VA cannulation
09:15 - 10:00 Advanced ultrasound skills for VA cannulation
10:30 - 11:15 Assessment of common VA problems
11:45 - 12:30 Assessment of complex VA problems


On 08 March, two of the most popular training courses of iMEP, Basic and Advanced Ultrasound skills in hemodialysis, will be organized.  These trainings will be hosted by iMEP's VA trainer Niel Grumiaux and Dr. Magda Van Loon.  Both sessions will demonstrate proper use of the probe for accessing the shunt. 

Later in the day, Dr. Magda Van Loon and Dr. Susan Lemson will host sessions 3 and 4 with real patient recorded videos and discussions! These sessions will explore how to assess the aneurysm and how to handle flow dysfunction, stenosis, maturation, and fistulas.  All training content will be closely supervised by Prof. Jan Tordoir.

Meet the experts

Dr. Magda Van Loon
Maastricht University Medical Center
(Nurse practitioner)

Niel Grumiaux
iMEP Belgium


Dr. Susan Lemson
Slingeland Hospital

Prof. Jan Tordoir
(Vascular surgeon)

Please visit http://www.vascular-course.com/access_training_courses_2021 to find training details and registration possibilities.

iMEP offers the opportunity to develop medical knowledge and skills.  This is represented in our credo "We encourage you to blossom!" and ultimately contributes to improving patient outcomes and quality of life around the world.