Successful test of prototype system developed by FHWS and CLAUSS to reduce energy loss.

COVID-19 is currently the center point of global attention, forcing other important topics, such as environmental protection, to come in second. While Nipro PharmaPackaging International is actively engaged in manufacturing and delivering substantial volumes of glass vials to pharmaceutical companies, destined to be filled with a COVID-19 vaccine, they have not lost sight of their commitment to the environment.

Ambitious in its objectives

In 2015, Nipro PharmaPackaging Germany (Nipro) set out to reduce the CO2 emissions of their manufacturing sites by 30% by 2025. As a result of continuous improvements, Nipro installed the latest systems and production methods, and 50% of the fixed CO2 target has already been reached. 

To further optimize the extremely energy-intensive production process of glass pharmaceutical packaging, Nipro is continuously investigating more efficient methods and technologies. I take pride in what we were able to accomplish in Germany in collaboration with the university
Markus Massmann - Managing Director Nipro PharmaPackaging Germany
Markus Maßmann

A promising cooperation

Nipro was approached by the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS) and its cooperating partner, Dr. Clauß Bild- und Datentechnik GmbH (CLAUSS), to test a prototype allowing for the digital recording, identification, and evaluation of energy losses from industrial systems. This collaboration was met with great interest and the new system developed by FHWS and CLAUSS was tested successfully for the first time ever in a real case study at Nipro on 09 September 2020.1

For the evaluation of one position, all necessary measurements are completed within 15 minutes, thereby avoiding any disruption to the ongoing production processes.

Nipro was able to implement first improvement measures just a week after the results of the study were provided. Thanks to a positive collaboration with the case study partners and the excellent results yielded, the project has now been extended.

This is but one illustration of Nipro’s continuous commitment to achieve its environmental targets, further reducing energy loss and CO2 emissions, and ultimately contributing to the improvement of our planet’s health.