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Nipro PharmaPackaging is confirming its role as a strategic partner in primary pharma packaging to the pharmaceutical industry.

The company has been working closely together with key players in the vaccine manufacturing industry to set up a specific vaccine operational plan.  This plan secures sufficient Nipro vials to allow for the filling of vaccines in excess of 1 billion doses. The first batches of vials have already shipped as of mid-June.

The COVID-19 outbreak has called for extraordinary measures

The healthcare crisis is craving for pharmaceutical drugs to support this, be it for treatment or preventive interventions. Key global pharmaceutical companies are joining forces and dedicating a maximum of resources to the development of a vaccine. Likewise, the race to develop this vaccine continues at an unprecedented pace. Hundreds of clinical trials are taking place globally.

Enabling pharmaceutical companies to pursue their quest

Nipro confirms its commitment as a strategic partner to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, supporting key global pharmaceutical companies in their quest to find a treatment or vaccine by providing sufficient glass containers in a timely fashion.

Enhancing output while engaging with pharmaceutical companies

Nipro has been working closely together with pharmaceutical companies to set up an operational plan that allows for the support of different vaccine projects. A commitment to supply in excess of 1 billion doses has already been signed. To honor this commitment, the first batches of vials have already shipped. The operational plan started its execution in the beginning of June 2020 and will run for more than 12 months.

Unprecedented times call for unparalleled support and stability of supply. As Nipro further engages with their customers, they are prepared to go above and beyond. The plan to maximize output includes increase in shifts, increase in human resources, and continued investment in additional manufacturing lines.

Covid 19 vial

A firm commitment

“We are very much aware of our responsibility to society. There can be no shortage in glass containers. To that end, we have FIRST ensured that all safety measures were in place in our plants. Continuation and stability of supply is one of the cornerstones of Nipro’s philosophy. SECOND, we increase supply as our contribution to the common combat we all have to fight. Ensuring all patients have access to vaccines and treatments, is what drives us.”

Stephan arnold

Stephan Arnold
CEO - Nipro PharmaPackaging