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Nipro goes green!

Nipro continues to work on improving its ecological footprint.  Besides the many ecological projects that were implemented in our manufacturing plants to reduce waste, to optimize energy consumption and to reduce exhaust, we also encourage our colleagues to actively contribute to "Nipro's going Green".

Nipro drives green!

We take pride in our colleagues that choose to "drive green".  This week, Nipro's first 2 zero-emission cars were delivered to Nipro Digital Technologies in Brugges.

As a company, we are happy to see our colleagues embracing Nipro's "Go Green Philosophy" and therefore investing in clean(er) air for the next generations to come.

We keep on motivating our colleagues to opt for zero-emission, and will see many more green cars being added to our company fleet in the near future.

Investing in clean air for the future, equals improving the quality of life across the globe - another contribution to our company's mission!