Much more than ... just a vial!

We repeatedly stress to all of our colleagues that “we don’t just make vials.” So...what do we make?

Every day, we make a direct and critical impact on patients by supplying the vital containers necessary for pharmaceutical companies’ life-changing therapies.

As a global organization, we want our colleagues from all corners of the world to understand what impact each individual Nipro colleague has on society – how important each single person is within our company – and how we ALL must live up to Nipro’s mission. 

We are on a mission to improve outcomes and quality of life – for everyone. What better way to spread this message than by listening to the testimonial of one of our very own colleagues?

Our story begins with Ryan Matty, ...

... an American colleague working for Nipro PharmaPackaging International (NPI). He and his wife recently welcomed a lovely baby boy into the world, Noah Thomas Matty.
Rayn Matty- son

With baby Noah born, one of the requirements for mothers of newborns (in Pennsylvania) is to receive a TDAP vaccine, which protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough. This vaccine, when administered to the mother, also transfers to the baby by virtue of nursing. In other words, the attributes from the vaccine are passed from mother to baby through breastmilk, thereby protecting both mother and baby.

As his wife was getting ready to receive the vaccine, Ryan noticed the medication and started asking questions about it: “What is this vaccine for? Who is the manufacturer? May I see the vial?” – so on and so forth.

This father clearly showed a big interest in the vaccine, gladly explaining that he was familiar with the industry. The nurse shared with him the details and even handed over the vial.

Ryan started connecting the dots and soon realized that this little vial came from our own manufacturing plant in Westport, Indiana.

More than ever, Ryan felt so grateful to his colleagues and was inspired to reiterate to our NPI technicians, quality/packaging experts, and others (at all of our plants and locations) that we “don’t just make vials”. 

We make a life-changing difference.

What Ryan’s colleagues around the world produce are essential products, designed to positively impact the lives of millions of people – mothers, newborns, and beyond. This means someone you know, someone you love, or maybe even you yourself received (or will receive) a life-changing treatment made possible, in part, by Nipro.

Ryan is an ambassador not only for Nipro PharmaPackaging, but also for what Nipro’s mission stands for. Our NPI colleagues’ hard work and unwavering dedication to the highest quality products directly translate to the safety of patients everywhere. In short, our colleagues in plants around the world truly make a world of a difference.

Ryan and his wife want to offer their deepest thanks to the colleagues of the pharmaceutical company that made this vaccine available, as well as to his own Nipro colleagues for their incredible hard work, diligent efforts, and continuous commitment to our mission of patient safety – especially during these uncertain, truly unprecedented times.