A warm welcome

Nipro takes pride in informing that it has successfully completed the acquisition of D.Med Technical Services and warmly welcomes all new colleagues into the Nipro family. 
Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, D.Med Technical Services was launched in 2014 and has now more than 50 technicians and support staff providing technical services for Nipro dialysis machines in Europe and Africa.
For years there has been a close cooperation between Nipro and D.Med Technical Services, as such providing the best possible international service, specialized in renal care technologies.   

The way forward

To allow for an optimized integration and improved synergies, with the goal to deliver a further benefit to our customers, the entire structure of D.Med Technical Services will be integrated into Nipro’s “Medical Instruments Center” (MIC).   
MIC, headed in Europe by Mr. Matteo Lavezzini under the guidance of Mr. Taku Nikaido from the Japanese Corporation, will therefore enlarge its technical focus, adding Technical Maintenance to its current R&D activities.  

We will make sure to seek alignment and execution of development activities, responding to the local needs, while delivering at the same time first-class field technical service within Europe and Africa. The goal of MIC is to reach technical excellence not simply by the way our solutions are developed, but also by the way these solutions are supported in the field.
Matteo Lavezzini

A sincere thank-you

We thank Sven-Axel Krentorz and the D.Med Healthcare team for the constructive and successful partnership over the past 5 years and wish them a lot of success in their future endeavours.  

Because every life deserves affordable care!

We warmly welcome the Technical Service colleagues to our group. With their professional support and expertise our customer facing teams are ready to meet the demand and requirements of our customers and patients.
Serge Kemps
Serge Kemps
About D.Med Healthcare

Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, D.med Healthcare is a German company Group operating globally through a network of premises in over 20 countries as a provider of medical services and products, with a focus on renal care, cardiology and other fields of internal medicine.

For more information on D.Med Healthcare, please visit : www.dmed-healthcare.com

About Nipro Medical Europe

Nipro Medical Europe is part of Nipro Corporation Japan, a leading global healthcare company established in 1954. With over 30.000 employees worldwide, Nipro serves the medical device, pharmaceutical, and pharma packaging industries.

For more information on Nipro, please visit: www.nipro-group.com