"Willingness" as a corporate credo

In pursuing our founder's vision, Nipro is guided by the concept of "Willingness" – the corporate credo established since the inception of our company. Tackling the job with a sense of willingness demonstrates both the employee's attitude toward wanting to develop the business, as well as the company's eagerness to reward the employee for exhibiting said attitude.

In fact, willingness can be considered the concept from which the establishment of Nipro originated.

Building a culture of chances

Our former president and founder, the late Mr. Minoru Sano, built a corporate culture that gives chances to individuals who show the willingness to work hard. At 20 years old, Mr. Sano put into his ambitions into action by building a light bulb manufacturing company, whereupon he met someone who provided him with the initial funding.

Mr. Sano would carry his gratitude for that gesture for the rest of his life. This experience instilled in him the idea of...

"Where there's a will, there's a way."
Mr. Minoru Sano - founder of Nipro Corporation

This is where the idea of "Willingness" as a corporate credo was born.

Continuing the legacy

We must continue working to foster a corporate culture that enables people with great willingness to take ownership of whatever business they engage in. We must ALWAYS be a company that invests in people who work with great willingness to develop our business.