we are willing

We believe people want to belong!

Being as diverse as we are, our people have a lot in common. We would like to call it "our Nipro DNA".  Our organization is held together by loyalty and tradition, fused with humility and ambition, as contradictory as this may sound.

Living up to our company credo - WILLINGNESS!

We believe in great involvement and advocate transparency, bonding colleagues by morals. 
Our success is defined within the framework of addressing the needs of patients / end-users in their efforts to achieve the best care and quality of life.


  • our organization promotes teamwork, participation,  consensus.
  • our organization is driven by commitment, communication, development.
  • our organization will thrive when our people are : committed - agile - respectful - entrepreneurial and ... willing !
We go BEYOND CARE, as phrased in our pact towards society –
Our aptly named CARE+ pact.
Tsuyoshi Yamazaki - President Nipro Europe Group Companies
+ We work at creating excellent relationships.
+ We ensure continuous supply of quality value-added products.
+ We have a "can-do" attitude.
+ We challenge the status quo with open minds, focus, and speed.
+ We welcome change when needed.
+ We are ambitious to go above and beyond.
+ We are strongest when we work respectfully as a team.
+ We are trustworthy and act in good faith.
+ We cherish inclusion and diversity.
+ We are leaders, not managers.
+ We look beyond the present to deliver future value.
+ We step up and make ourselves heard.
+++ Willing
AND we are willing to exceed expectations!

Our CARE+ pact is what unites and drives us!

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