Nipro’s Safetouch winged needle sets (PSV) combine high quality needle performance with an easy-to-activate safety device.
The Safetouch safety device allows for needle insertion without a change in technique and can be activated in-vein and with one hand, ensuring maximum protection against needle stick injuries (NSI).

  • Easy, one-handed activation
  • In-vein activation
  • No change in insertion technique required
  • Ultra-sharp, three-beveled siliconized needle to minimize patient discomfort during injection
  • Not made with latex or DEHP
Safetouch winged needle set - Diagram
Reference code OD (G) Length (mm) OD (mm) Length (inch) Tubing length Wing Color
PSV-SF-19-ET 19 19 1,10 3/4 300 mm
PSV-SF-21-ET 21 19 0,80 3/4 300 mm
PSV-SF-22-ET 22 19 0,70 3/4 300 mm
PSV-SF-23-ET 23 19 0,60 3/4 300 mm
PSV-SF-25-ET 25 19 0,50 3/4 300 mm
Safetouch Winged Needle Set
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