When you have just been diagnosed with diabetes, you will have a lot of questions. What to eat, what's the best way to count carbs, what to do when you are ill,...?

There is a lot of information available, but it can be confusing to pinpoint exactly what you need to know. Nipro wants to simplify your search with this overview of organizations and tools to help you along.

Carbs & Cals is a British organization, founded by a dietitian who specializes in diabetes. They have developed a “Carb & Calorie Counter” book and app, making it easier for people living with diabetes to count carbohydrates.  Read more about the products they have to offer on their website: www.carbsandcals.com      

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TREND-UK is a working group of diabetes nurses with different skills and backgrounds. Established in 2009, they have developed several educational materials, both for people living with diabetes and for professionals working in diabetes. It is worth having a look at their educational leaflets, as they contain a very comprehensive list of subjects: www.trend-uk.org

VDBD Deutschland or Verband der Diabetes-Beratungs- und Schulungsberufe in Deutschland. This association was founded to give a voice to diabetes consultants and assistants working in Germany. They offer a platform for the exchange of experiences amongst Diabetes healthcare providers and they provide continuing education through the “VDBD Akademie”: www.vdbd.de and www.vdbd-akademie.de

Bundeszentrum für Ernährung is a German organization of experts in nutrition. They provide scientific insight on food trends while making nutritional information easy to understand and practical for everyday use. Their ultimate goal is conscious nutrition, improved quality, and sustainable consumption. They have developed information specifically for gestational diabetes, including recipes: https://www.bzfe.de/index.html