The management of diabetes during intercurrent illness is not easy...The challenge lies in understanding the complexities for persons living with type 1 and 2 diabetes. The mismanagement of diabetes during episodes of illness can lead to other problems, such as dehydration or the development of serious acute diabetes complications.

Correct advice can reduce the risk of potential complications.

There is a need for accurate and accessible information. This is why Nipro supports TREND-UK in the development of a very practical guide "Managing diabetes during intercurrent illness". 

Aimed specifically at healthcare professionals, persons working in primary care, and the diabetes community in general, this guide will teach you:

  • How infections in people living with diabetes can cause hyper- and hypoglycaemia
  • How to recognize acute diabetes complications
  • General principles of managing diabetes during intercurrent illness
  • How to adjust medications that may lower glucose levels
  • How to reduce the risk of acute diabetes complications

Request your paper copy now: mail the UK diabetes team (for UK residents) or mail the German diabetes team (for German residents).

It is important that people living with Type 1 diabetes have access to an accurate blood glucose meter, with the possibility to check for B-Ketone (NICE 2015, Type 1 diabetes in adults: diagnosis and management).

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