Nipro Belgium

...worth looking forward to!

As we approach 2021 – and with it, the prospect of successful COVID-19 vaccines – the joy of finally reuniting with colleagues in-person grows ever more tangible. For some, the return to a physical office is also a welcome change of scenery. So what makes the Nipro Campus especially inviting and worthy of anticipation? The formula is straightforward: a harmony of design, function, and environmental sustainability – proof that forward-thinking can literally make a world of a difference.


Location, Location, Location

Built in 2018, the Nipro Campus is situated in Mechelen, Belgium – a central location to cover a wide market territory spanning from Africa to the Americas. Here, you will find the headquarters of Nipro Europe Group Companies, Nipro Medical Europe, and Nipro PharmaPackaging International. The campus is also home to our fully equipped research and training facility, the Institute for Medical Practice (iMEP) Belgium.

Environmental sustainability that is automated and effortless

Environmental Susutainability

We are proud to have integrated an extensive range of environmental initiatives as part of our external and internal Nipro Campus infrastructure. Our motives? To reduce consumption and maximize the efficiency of our resources.

The buildings on campus are nearly energy neutral, consuming less than 30 KW/h/m2 per year. We also generate our own electricity thanks to 100 solar panels with a production potential of 30,6 MW/h per year. This means we can reduce our annual carbon footprint (CO2 emissions) by as much as 21,4 tons.

Our climate-controlled ceiling, made possible by SAPP® (Smart Acoustic Passive Power), offers heating and cooling at a low energy consumption rate, without compromising the comfort of our colleagues and guests. An automatic sun blind system ensures that we block out unnecessary heat, while higher thermal insulation and airtight doors ensure that our internal temperature is efficiently maintained. Additional features, such as automatic switch-off lights and faucets, help eliminate energy and water waste with great convenience.

It is especially rewarding to witness our Nipro colleagues actively participate in reducing their paper and plastic consumption on a daily basis – be it driving paperless processes and making “green” choices. Thanks to clear signage, plentiful and accessible recycle bins, and reusable dishware, these “green” choices are nothing short of easy and effortless!

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Planet health is patient health

We know that our continuous commitment to improving patient quality of life is inherently linked to improving our planet’s quality of life. Be it our products, services, or Nipro Campus, we are committed to making choices that improve quality of life now – and for generations to come!