Needle stick injury

Each year on average, healthcare professionals (HCP) estimate ±1.2 million needlestick injuries (NSI) – in Europe alone.1 The number on a global scale is certainly higher, not to mention the underestimations: not all NSI’s are necessarily expressed or recorded, either in medical centers and home care settings.

The economic impact associated with NSI is estimated to average $747 per NSI (in 2015).² Testing, worker’s compensation, corrective treatments – These are pressures in their own right.

But the highest cost? The serious and potentially life-long medical consequences as a result of unintended exposure: HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, etc.

Even the uncertainty as one awaits results after a NSI may result in increased emotional stress and loss of work.²

Nipro is committed to helping protect you (and your teams) from needlestick injuries.

Our Safetouch™ portfolio offers a range of different high quality needles with safety devices. Reduce the risk of NSI without having to change puncture technique thanks to safety products that can be activated in-vein and/or with one hand.

From winged needle sets to hypodermic needles, blood collection sets to IV catheters – Explore Nipro’s diverse portfolio of hospital products with safety mechanism:  

Safety that’s simple, straightforward, and self-evident.

In addition to our products, Nipro is committed to helping you find resources on NSI prevention. Here are some links to assist you in establishing effective risk assessment and prevention programs. 

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