Watch how Nipro’s Safetouch PSV helps protect you against needle stick injuries!

Each year, healthcare professionals (HCP) experience an estimated ±1.2 million needlestick injuries (NSI) in Europe alone.* 

To help reduce the risk of NSI, Nipro offers a wide portfolio of devices with integrated safety mechanisms. How exactly do they work? Watch this short how-to video to see Nipro’s Safetouch™ winged needle set (PSV) in action!

As you can see, Safetouch PSVs (intended for blood withdrawal or infusion) can help reduce the risk of NSI without changing puncture technique thanks to an integrated safety device that is easy to activate in-vein and/or with one hand.

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*De Raeve P., Sharps Injuries - Stepping Up to the Challenge in Europe, EFN