Our iMEP Mission and Vision!

“Develop innovative and value-added products and technologies that improve patient outcomes and healthcare worldwide” – this is Nipro’s mission across its various divisions. With iMEP, Nipro believes to have the right approach to accomplish this. By building its own “Medical Training Facility” with a clear target of not only training, but also perfecting and developing new products, Nipro’s tangible efforts will eventually help patients around the world increase their quality of life.

iMEP contributes to “medical care” through training.

Continuous progress in medical technology and ever increasing sophisticated medical devices require increased safety, enhanced problem solving abilities, and improved response times for medical care personnel. Increasing cost pressure and reimbursement cuts in the healthcare industry require hospitals around the world to be ever more efficient in their operations.
Tsuyoshi Yamazaki - Managing Director

This is where Nipro can be of added value.

With simulated hospital rooms, operating rooms, and training rooms, hospitals can rely on Nipro to have their staff trained at our iMEP facility – ensuring that the hospital infrastructure can be used for patients themselves, rather than for training.  In Japan, certified healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, clinical engineers, veterinarians, and other paramedical personnel) and medical schools (future doctors and nurses) use Nipro’s iMEP facility for educational purposes.

Trainings can be recorded to evaluate strengths and areas in need of improvement. In other words, a “learn by doing, improve by watching” approach. Scenario-based simulation trainings also help improve decision-making and response times, which may ultimately boost staff confidence and overall retention rate.

iMEP contributes to medical care through perfecting & developing.

Nipro is committed to learning from you!
Toshiaki Masuda - Managing Director R&D

While training at iMEP, Nipro encourages conversations about needs and experiences by gathering feedback on the actual use of the equipment. User input will be communicated to Nipro’s R&D departments to either perfect existing products, or to develop entirely new devices.