Chiara Dierickx #eachforequal

International women's Day

March is the month in whichvwomen all around the world are celebrated.  March 08th is "International Women's Day".

An equal world is an enabled world.

Empowering ...

At Nipro, we empower our employees regardless of gender.  But especially today, we want to celebrate the dignity of women in the workforce.

To the women of Nipro and our partners worldwide, THANK YOU for your vital contributions, your diversity of perspectives, and your courage to speak up!

Calling ...

As companies and as individuals, we all play a role in building a more gender equal world.

So let us #EachforEqual, together!

Calling out to all of you to also strike the #eachforequal pose like our Chiara (see picture), and post it as a comment on our LinkedIn page.