SOLACEA features an asymmetric triacetate (ATA) membrane made by Nipro’s state of the art spinning technique. This results in a membrane that can withstand high convective volume, while minimizing albumin loss and securing high clearance of middle-to-large size molecules. 
This dialyzer is ideal for HDF patients who may have allergic reactions to synthetic membranes. Therefore, healthcare professions can rest assured, knowing that SOLACEA combines the advantages of a synthetic membrane with the biocompatibility of (semi-)natural fibers

  • Asymmetric triacetate (ATA) membrane
  • Smooth membrane surface which reduces membrane fouling and hereby minimizes the clogging of pores
  • BPA-free membrane fiber, housing, and potting
  • Dry, oxygen-free gamma sterilization
  • Low thrombogenicity reduces the need for anticoagulants
  • Available in 1,5-2,5 msurface areas
  • Available in high-flux
  • Suitable for HD, HF, and (online) HDF applications 
Sensitive Patients
Renal Care
Renal Care
Allergy awareness
Renal Care