Enzymes are biocatalysts with remarkable properties that make them highly useful in medical diagnostics.

The most desirable traits for diagnostic assays are:

  • High specificity: the ability to detect only the targeted molecule
  • High sensitivity: the ability to detect small amounts of the targeted molecule1
  • Together, these two aspects determine the performance level of an enzyme.

40 years in the enzyme market

Nipro began producing enzymes 40 years ago, focusing specifically on niche enzymes that are high-performing and thermostable.

Thermostability is an added value, whereby enzymes retain their activity over a wider temperature range to meet the needs of certain assays. In some cases, this also translates to a reduction in the amount of enzyme needed for optimal kit performance.

What if there are no enzymes readily available that meet your needs?

While Nipro has over 30 enzymes available for immediate use, we also understand the need for customization.

Example 1: A more competitive product

A tailor-made enzyme that requires less enzyme protein, has a higher activity, and can function in a higher temperature to in order to counteract cheaper (lower performing) assays on the market.

Example 2: A more precise product

A modified enzyme that as little cross-interference between similar molecules as possible.

Thanks to our dedicated R&D center in Japan, we are proud to develop tailor-made enzymes that satisfy the above examples, and so much more.

R&D Technologies for gene-targeted sequencing optimization

Enzymes technologies top

How Nipro changes the enzyme gene:

Through modeling analysis, targeted gene mutation, and a careful selection of the most suitable production host, we create enzymes with characteristics best suited for your application.

Production Technologies for process optimization

Enzymes bottom part

How Nipro produces the enzyme:

Thanks to our state of the art fermentation and recovery processes, our enzymes are of high purity that minimize protein waste as much as possible.

If you are looking for a tailor-made, high performance enzyme for your specific application, Nipro welcomes your request!


  1. Hemalatha T. et al., Enzymes in clinical medicine: An overview. Indian J Exp Biol 2013 vol 51:777-788.