Nipro’s standard AVF catheter needles are designed to reduce the risk of vascular access complications while enabling greater patient mobility during hemodialysis1. 
Easily cannulate while decreasing the risk of perforation thanks to an ultra-sharp 3-bevel needle, ultra-thin catheter wall, and flexible tubing. 
Together with Nipro, elevated fistula care and excellence in patient comfort is at your fingertips.

  • Safe cannulation during fistula maturation1
  • Decreased risk of fistula perforation11
  • Ultra-sharp, siliconized 3-bevel inner needle for smooth cannulation
  • Ultra-thin catheter wall for optimal blood flow 
  • Preferred option for patients allergic to metal
  • Soft and flexible tubing eases the clamping during the bloodline connection/disconnection
  • Color-coded hubs  
  • Latex-free
  • Gamma sterilization
  1. Needles and cannulas for arteriovenous fistula access: More options promote better Outcomes. National Kidney Foundation.2016
AVF Catheter Needle Size (Gauge) Catheter Length (mm) Color
AV-CATH-1420-GJ 14 20
AV-CATH-1425-GJ 14 25
AV-CATH-1432-GJ 14 32
AV-CATH-1438-GJ 14 38
AV-CATH-1520-GJ 15 20
AV-CATH-1525-GJ 15 25
AV-CATH-1532-GJ 15 32
AV-CATH-1538-GJ 15 38
AV-CATH-1620-GJ 16 20
AV-CATH-1625-GJ 16 25
AV-CATH-1632-GJ 16 32
AV-CATH-1638-GJ 16 38
AV-CATH-1720-GJ 17 20
AV-CATH-1725-GJ 17 25
AV-CATH-1732-GJ 17 32
AV-CATH-1738-GJ 17 38

Needles with turnable wings. Arterial and venoius needles are also available with fixed wings instead of turnable wings.
Please contact your local office for other specifications, order quantities, and availability

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