ELISIO is a synthetic hollow-fiber dialyzer with a unique polynephron membrane that delivers outstanding performance, excellent biocompatibility, and low thrombogenicity. 
Thanks to consistent, high performance in a wide range of applications – HD, HF, or (online) HDF) – ELISIO is the most versatile dialyzer for healthcare professionals and the optimal solution for patients.

  • Polynephron membrane 
  • Reduces membrane fouling, minimizes clogging of pores, and limits TMP build-up
  • BPA-free membrane fiber, housing, and potting
  • Optimal balance between clearance of middle molecular weight (MW) molecules and retention of albumin
  • Excellent biocompatibility and low thrombogenicity 
  • Dry, oxygen-free gamma sterilization
  • Transparency of dialyzer headers
  • Available in 0,9-2,5 m2 surface area

  • Available in high, mid, and low-flux
  • Suitable for HD, HF, and (online) HDF applications
HDF High Volume
Renal Care
HDF High Volume - Scientific
Renal Care
Renal Care