Phoenix Move is an arm specifically designed to provide a consistent, hassle-free supply of dead zone-free permeate to each hemodialysis machine. 
Be it permeate, concentrate, or dialysis solution – Phoenix Move can connect up to four different concentrates, in addition to electric connections for up to five devices.
Phoenix Move’s swivel arm turns 180° for easy left-right changes, while hoses and cables are neatly bundled into one system, creating a clean floor space for both patients and healthcare professionals.

  • consistent, hassle-free supply of dead zone-free permeate 
  • connects up to four different concentrates
  • electrical connections for dialysis machine, chair, or other devices
  • unobstructed floor space to avoid risk of tripping 
  • prevents drain blockages
  • flexible movement and easy to clean
Phoenix One and DS
Renal Care
Phoenix Move
Renal Care